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Custom Design

We are a macrame design and manufacturing company with headquarters in Noida ( New Delhi ) in India, focused on manufacturing high quality custom made macrame products at very reasonable prices.The majority of our customers are from USA, Europe, and Australia. Additionally, we work with Amazon sellers, helping them become successful Amazon sellers by making unique designs on their behalf. Additionally,Our manufacturing company has a team of 2000 skilled craftsmen who can make any possible design, including size, color, pattern, and material for our customers.

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Private Label

For the last six years, Homly Inc has been working on private label products and we have completed more than 100 projects from around the world.We cover the following aspects under private label.

Brand Logo - A brand logo is the first thing that every customer wants to see on their product, but sometimes its impossible to print the logo on the product so we use hand tags with the logo attached to the product.

Design - If you have any unique design and want us to create it for you, then we are the right company for you, we work with non-disclosure agreements, so your brand privacy is protected at our factory.

Packaging - we can package your items in a special way according to your request, simply tell us your specifications and we will make them ready


Our website contains limited information due to brand and work privacy. If you'd like additional details, please fill out our contact form or write us on

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